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Dr. Jay's Wellness Approach


Dr. Jay's Wellness Approach


Jay Amin M.D. (or “Dr. Jay,” as he is best known) has always had a reputation for being a caring, gentle, intuitive, and creative physician for over 25 years. Dr. Jay harmoniously combines the medical and natural approach to medicine with an overall emphasis on wellness, believing that providing a “prescription” to better living is key.


At 54 years old, he looks merely a fraction of his age! This is because Dr. Jay has first practiced for decades everything that he preaches to his clients. His firsthand experience in natural living equipped him with the expertise to put together a program to enhance the quality of daily life; which starts with the first moments of daily awakening through meditation. His goal is to bring out positive, remarkable, and lasting changes in others. This personal and professional credo of his enables Dr. Jay to successfully help his patients become more alert, creative, energized, intelligent, organized, and balanced individuals.


“I do believe that you must practice western medicine, but why not combine it with a practical naturopathic approach as well?” Dr. Jay’s approach is not unique in this day and age, but physicians 25 years ago were not telling their patients that “food is the medicine” and that “pharmaceutical drugs are the patchwork remedy.” A lifelong vegetarian, Dr. Jay has always felt that a basic approach to the human body is a simple one, one that always reverts and redounds to the natural and fundamental.


While most physicians mask the problem through prescription drugs and unnecessary tests, Dr. Jay’s approach is always to identify the problem through a detailed exam and asks the questions most physicians are reluctant to ask.  It gives Dr. Jay much joy to guide and bring his patients to a better quality of life through his unwavering dedication to carry out his best-of-both-worlds medical standard, the “East meets West” approach so to speak. Dr. Jay has long been convinced that people should have the opportunity to benefit from the seemingly contradictory tandem of allopathic and naturopathic medicine, which urged him to come up with his own line of health products that would deliver the best of what both western and eastern medicine have to offer. The new health products he has formulated, patented, and recently distributed are based on cutting edge, state of the art technology utilized in many areas ofresearch.


A physician from India with a degree in Internal Medicine; he received training from Cook County Hospital, Chicago and Christ Hospital in Oaklawn, both located in Illinois. He has been a practicing internist and cosmetic surgeon in Southern California. He is also a diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and an associate of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.


Besides his occupied medical practice and involvement with research projects, Dr. Jay has a handful of other interests. He is an active tennis player, a golf aficionado, voracious reader, and seasoned traveler with his own style of creative dance.


Dr. Jay Amin M.D.


Medical Director, Tustin Medical Center
 Board-certified Practitioner of Internal Medicine & Family Medicine


Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine
Fellow, American Academy of Cardiology
Diplomat, The American Board of Geriatric Medicine


Associate, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery






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Ziolife AM & PM

Dr. Jay’s Ziolife A.M. Homeopathic Is a nutritional supplement drink that is also a natural energy supplement.

Ziolife am Homeopathic


High Protein Healthy Dry Roasted Snack Mix

Leanways Snack Mix


Anti-Aging Shampoo & Conditioner for Hair & Body

Zio Anti Aging Shampoo
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